Three new colors for contemporary ambiences

The organic rock that modernizes spaces

This dark gray, almost black, evokes elegance and modernity. This deep shade can be combined with bright colors for contrast, or with softer tones for subtle combinations.It blends perfectly with steel or chrome for industrial or modern styles, but also with wood or stone to bring a touch of warmth and nature. 

At the heart of the unique landscapes of ancient Egypt

With its shades of ocre, mixed with touches of red-brown and orange, this deep, warm shade brings a feeling of naturalness and authenticity. It is expressive in modern interiors, highlighting bold decorative elements, and brings a warm, intimate ambience to classic interiors. This earth tone combines well with all natural materials, wood, stone or other fabrics. 

Set a course for the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere

This intense blue with a hint of green is a rich, enchanting color that creates a relaxing, soothing yet elegant atmosphere. Very versatile, it can be combined with a multitude of decorative styles. With light colors, it will create bright, airy spaces. With darker shades, such as anthracite, it brings sophistication and modernity. An ideal color to bring a touch of exoticism and elegance, and to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.