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Amelie pajamas


  • Soft, supple and elegant
  • Material : organic cotton

9 colors    S, M, L

Amelie pajamas


Soft, supple and elegant

Material : organic cotton

9 colors    S, M, L

Amelie pajamas

The Skin flower collection

The new “Skin Flower” collection brings together comfortable, elegant and perfectly healthy clothes that should become your second skin.

Our vision for this collection is clear: day and night, we wear clothes and these must be adapted to the moment we wear them, be comfortable and healthy.
Simply clothes in which you feel good!

For all our linen, we only work natural fibers of the highest quality. We process these living fibers without using toxic products,  according to a proprietary process we developed in our workshop in Saint Jean de Luz. This new collection is no different.  

We are, above all, textile manufacturers. We produce top-quality linen every day, like an artisan baker prepares his dough to offer delicious bread.
And since we are artisans, we do not produce in quantity. Each item in our collection will therefore be produced in small, very limited series.

Soft, supple, elegant ... dreamy pajamas
The Amelie pajamas is the first item in our new “Fleur de peau” collection. It was designed by our stylist to be a natural extension of the well-being you feel in our sheets.
There is no hemp yarn thin enough to make pajamas today ; we are working on it, but it will still take time. Linen is too cool and not really suitable for sleepwear. It therefore seemed obvious to us that cotton was the fiber to use. An organic cotton of course, carefully chosen, with great qualities, delicate yet strong, and naturally soft.

Soft and healthy
To make our pajama cotton even softer, we have chosen to weave it in crepe. Incomparably cozy and supple, it is both light and comfortable. Like all our linen, it is dyed in our workshop in St Jean de Luz, without any toxic products. You can therefore wear it with confidence, like a second skin.

Youre perfectly dressed for nighttime, and this collection doubles as elegant casual wear at home in all seasons and hours of the day. 

The sizes
The Amelie pajamas are available in 3 sizes: S, M and L.

Pyjama blouse (cm)
1/2 chest (A)565860
Front length (B)616263
Back length (C)666768
Shoulder (D)14,51515,5
Sleeve length (E)262728

Pyjama Pants (cm)
Relaxed waist (A)343638
1/2 Hip (B)505254
Length (C)99100101

9 colors
As color is the specialty of our workshop in St Jean de Luz, we have chosen to produce this pajama line in 9 unique colors: Lime White, Rose des Sables, Red Ocher, Pearl Gray, Blue Tea, Slate, Khaki , Gray or Blue Pepper from Japan.
The colors are the same as for our bed linen, but this crepe subtly softens the shades 

Why an on-order dye?
Entering the world of ready-to-wear is a new process for us. We are therefore proceding with caution, while remaining perfectly faithful to the convictions we have been defending for nearly 15 years: ecology (by working only with high quality natural fibers) and the fight against toxicity in the textile industry
In any case, we do not want to waste material in order to preserve the resources of our planet. We have therefore chosen to manufacture a limited number of pieces that we will dye on-demand in our workshop. This will shorten your waiting time, since we do this in-house, and, at the same time, it allows us to avoid overproduction.
Our production management allows us to guarantee you the best quality  at a fair price, knowing we deliver nighttime well-being.