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Couleur Chanvre is a brand of bedlinen made from hemp.Our workshops are located in St Jean de Luz, at the heart of France’s Basque Country, where textile expertise is handed down across generations, and recognised all over the world.

The values of Couleur Chanvre

Although hemp was used for nearly 3,000 years, it all but disappeared in the 50s, falling victim to the chemical industry lobby. For the founders of Couleur Chanvre, the choice of this fibre is an act of open activism, as they believe that hemp is an ideal plant for sustainable development which protects our planet.

Couleur Chanvre is firmly committed to 100% French production. Each production stage takes place in France; the hemp we use is grown and shelled in Normandy, and the weaving, tailoring and the crucial dyeing process takes place at our St Jean de Luz site. Each of our artisans is passionate about this incomparable natural fibre and many use ancient methods.

The natural environment is respected throughout the entire process. The GOTS 3.0 certified organic dyeing process developed by Couleur Chanvre respects the environment by ensuring clean waste, saving water and energy, and human health, guaranteeing that it is suitable for contact with the skin, with no toxic or allergenic products.

Couleur Chanvre also carries out research activities, firstly with the farmers, to produce optimal quality fibres, but also across the whole production process with artisans, to find ‘good hands’ for delicate work, fabric that falls in the right way, beautifully and gracefully, and to create new colours.

Couleur Chanvre is reviving this authentic material in order to produce high quality fabrics using artisanal production methods and to stay close to nature. The material sometimes has imperfections but this guarantees its authenticity and creates its charm.

Produced with passion and expertise, hemp fibre will fill you with all its qualities:revitalised, natural and breathable, hemp is synonymous with comfort and well-being.

Couleur Chanvre brings nature, in all its pure and simple beauty, into your home.

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The simplicity of the design is in harmony with a refined colour palette, mirroring nature.

Timeless style, guaranteeing longevity.

The common theme of our collections is beauty, elegant simplicity, respecting nature, well-being and long lasting...the definition of luxury.

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