Linen fitted sheet - Couleur Chanvre
Linen fitted sheet 1900 Pink - Couleur Chanvre
  • Linen fitted sheet 1900 Pink - Couleur Chanvre

Linen Fitted Sheet

 Material : linen

This exceptional linen, grown by the “Terre de Lin” cooperative in Normandy, is fine, soft, elegant and comfortable. It offers a natural freshness and quickly absorbs humidity and perspiration. It is ideal for contact with skin because it is hypo-allergenic. It is also a long-lasting fibre which, with time, stays as beautiful and as flexible as ever.

      Bed for 1 Person  
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30cm elastic flap.

100% pure linen, high quality long fibres, from the Terre de Lin [Linen World] cooperative in Normandy.


Linen grown in Normandy, combed, woven, tailored, dyed and finished in France.

0% Dye - Safe cloth guaranteed: our unique dyeing and finishing process is performed without endocrine disruptors or toxic, irritant or allergic products.

Easy care: wash at 60°, tumble dryer recommended, ironing optional. Does not shrink.


 Single bed (90x190)
Duvet cover : 140x200 or 200x200 (depending on size of duvet)
Fitted sheet : 90x190 (depending on size of mattress)
Flat sheet : 180x275

 Double bed (140x190)
Duvet cover : 240x220
Fitted sheet : 140x190
Flat sheet : 240x300

 Double bed (160x200)
Duvet cover : 240x220 or 260x240 (depending on size of duvet)
Fitted sheet : 160x200
Flat sheet : 240x300 or 280x300

 Large double bed (180x200)
Duvet cover : 260x240
Fitted sheet : 180x200
Flat sheet : 280x300